Gentle Preventive Dentistry for Special Needs Patients and Their Families

Dr. Mike Glasmeier offers a full range of preventive dentistry treatments at his Nashville, TN-area office locations. Exams and cleanings are fundamental, since they are some of the most effective ways to prevent dental decay. He also utilizes x-rays and other imaging to diagnose cavities and gum disease in their earliest stages. Then he can provide conservative care before these conditions worsen. At First Impressions Family Dentistry, we treat patients of all ages. We are particularly passionate about treating individuals with special needs. We understand that routine dental visits can be uncomfortable or disconcerting for these patients, so we work hard to make the process relaxing and stress-free.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Decay and gum disease develop when oral bacteria are allowed to multiply. These bacteria can then erode your dental enamel, forming cavities, or create pockets and inflammation in your soft tissues. Our preventive services can eliminate microbes long before you suffer compromised oral health. In addition, through routine exams, we can diagnose these conditions early on if they do develop. Then we can treat them with minimally invasive means. For example, Dr. Glasmeier can use a dental filling, rather than a full crown, to repair a tooth with a small cavity.

Exams and cleanings are fundamental, since they are some of the most effective ways to prevent dental decay and gum disease.

Because preventive care is so essential, we encourage you and your family to come in for a routine visit at least every six months. However, if you are at a higher risk for chronic dental problems, we may suggest that you come in more often. For instance, you may benefit from additional visits if you have already been diagnosed with gum disease.

Toothbrush and floss

We encourage patients to visit our office for a routine exam at least every six months.

Preventive Services at First Impressions Family Dentistry

Exams and cleanings are the two foundational preventive dentistry treatments. During a cleaning, your hygienist will gently scrape and polish your teeth to remove bacteria. Through this process, she can also eliminate the plaque and tartar that may have developed over time. Immediately after your cleaning, Dr. Glasmeier will conduct your exam. He will examine your teeth and soft tissues, searching for visible spots of decay, as well as abnormal patches on your gums and other soft tissue. Because cavities are not always visible to the naked eye, he will usually take x-rays at every other visit.

As a family practice, we offer preventive services especially for children. Because fluoride strengthens developing teeth, fluoride treatments can help to prevent decay for many years. Alternatively, sealants are an effective way to protect the molars. This liquid plastic is painted over the surfaces of the back teeth. As it hardens, it will create a barrier, which will be virtually impenetrable to oral bacteria.

Treatments Tailored for Families and Special Needs Patients

Very few dentists offer services tailored to special needs patients. As a result, these patients often have bad experiences, which can make a difficult situation even worse. Frequently, they feel intense anxiety when they go to the dentist in the future, or they refuse to visit the office at all. Because they may not receive frequent dental care, they can experience significant oral health issues. These problems can include lifelong difficulties with cavities and gum disease. As the father of two special needs sons, Dr. Glasmeier understands how to help these patients feel comfortable in the dental chair. He offers gentle techniques and a personal approach, and he will explain everything to his patients in advance.

Dr. Glasmeier provides preventive treatments for all ages. In fact, he routinely sees multiple generations of the same family, whether they have special needs or not. This will allow him to provide better care because he will understand any genetic health issues that arise. Further, because they will visit our office together, it will be easier for families to make good dental care a habit.

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